Familien Iglesias: MotherLove
Materials include: Sophie Brendryen's handwoven matte (rag rug), Anni Albers monograph, framed collaborative painting on paper, hand knit textiles, wood, dowels, hardware
MotherLove includes an audio tour by Bowie Iglesias (age 7).

Las Hermanas Iglesias = the collaboration between Lisa and Janelle Iglesias.
Familien Iglesias = the collaboration between Bodhild, Lisa and Janelle Iglesias.

The interdisciplinary projects of Familien Iglesias communicate a dialogic call and response between the family members (sisters and mother), a back and forth visual conversation. In recent projects, works on paper and knit surfaces are inspired by the patterns and gestures they find in each other’s objects. For their culminating project, MotherLove at the Textile Arts Center, Familien Iglesias creates an installation of hand-knit works inspired by familial traditions---Bodhild’s mother’s rag rugs (matte) and the drawings and weavings of Anni Albers—who many consider the mother of modern textiles.
The project celebrates and explores the process of translating patterns and gestures across mediums and forms and considers ideas of inheritance. Displayed on an architectural frame that can be seen from multiple angles, the artists privilege different visual perspectives, and highlight the process though which the works are made.
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