&YOU&ME&US& is a looped animation composed of chapters that, rather than serving as conventional narratives, pivot around related concepts regarding time and change. In one chapter, the poet Miriam Bird Greenberg recites lyrics about a chain of cause and effect in which small gestures lead to large consequences. I first encountered this text in Georges Perec's "Species of spaces and other pieces" (1974), cited as a children's song from Les Deux-Sèvres (Paul Eluard, "Poèsie involontaire, et poèsie intentionelle").
The current structure of the video will allow for subsequent chapters to be drawn, added and projected.
&YOU&ME&US& was created through sequencing ink on paper drawings and digital rotoscope drawings.

2:42, looped


La Sonnambula
06:22, looped

Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold Me Down
00:04, looped

As if your hands could have held it, still